Giclee- Giclee is the finest method of
art reproduction available today. It
enables the art lover who could not
afford the price of an original to own a
fine piece of art. Giclee printing also
allows a particular image to be made in
a variety of sizes depending on the art
collectors needs. Giclee printing is a
digital process and it requires a few
steps to get from the original art to the
print. The first step is to capture the
original by the use of a digital scanner.
Next, the digitized image is loaded into
a special computer program and color
corrected to ensure that the colors
match the originals as closely as
current technology allows. This color
matching requires a high level of skill.
The next step is the actual printing on
the canvas or paper. The quality of the
inks and the quality of the papers used
are important factors in the life of the
Giclee. As a final step, the printed
Giclee is sprayed with a protective UV
resistant coating.